With thorough information and communication, Quantox will provide you, the client, with step by step development progress of your project, therefore, providing opportunities that are often missed and not utilized to it’s fullest potential.

Such methodology enables Quantox to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, using up to date technology and software to complete and deliver your vision sufficiently.

Design is our speciality and we can turn your vision into a fully functional reality with well written and optimized code that works!


The definition of “outsourcing” is to obtain goods or service from an outside or foreign supplier, in place of an internal source.”

Existing in a world as connected as today’s market place, outsourcing projects, tasks, and positions remain a cost-effective and strategic approach in an effort to take your business to the next level.

Hiring educated professionals in other progressive countries to work for you rather than domestically hiring, will not only save a small fortune but have a positive effect on your annual profits enabling room for continued scalability and growth.

Outsourcing with Quantox could be the solution for you as we can hire per project, per annum, per individual or an entire team. The flexibility is endless and dependent on what your needs are!

Quantox is a professional and well-established outsourcing company who interviews, tests and vets all potential employees before hiring. This ensures only the most highly qualified and enthusiastic individuals are hired on your behalf, therefore, enabling you to focus on your business's day to day operations, staying ahead of the competition.

System Administrator


Mobile application development differs from web application development as it enables the user to view a website in a more compatible and user-friendly layout on a mobile device than what would be seen from a computer.

Having your website be “mobile responsive” not only increases the possibility of generating business but also provides the user with the best possible experience with your website while on the go!

System Administrator


System Administration can be gruelling and requires highly skilled individuals who know what they’re doing to ensure sufficient completion. With Quantox, you’re not obligated to hire a full-time System Admin if it is not needed!

Quantox offers vast flexibility when requiring a System Admin, as we’ve got the necessary in-house resources to assist you on an “as needed” basis, therefore, making things less complicated at an inexpensive price.



When it comes to consulting, only the most highly qualified experts in their fields are considered. Consultants focus on and assist companies or individuals in achieving their business objectives. From project management to marketing and administration, Quantox offers a wide range of consulting services to grow your existing business or to help bring your emerging business or idea to life.

Backend Development


Backend development consists of many different parts, including but not limited to server, application, and database. Once you enter the application it stores the data into your database on your server which in turn helps the frontend of your website function correctly, therefore, providing a better front-end experience for the end user

Backend development is essential to all online websites as it also provides crucial data that can be utilized to better understand your audience that will help your business grow!

Front End Development


Frontend development is a mix of programming and art which powers up the visual feeling and interactions of a website when viewed online. Using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, Quantox will make your site design powerful and user-friendly. Regardless of what operating system or device your customers are viewing from, Quantox will develop a consistent front-end experience that will help increase and maintain your viewer base.

Web Design


When it comes to attractive web designs, Quantox is experienced with creating sites that have strategically been designed to appeal to users. From logo to the color scheme, layout to functionality, web design is the face of your business and to gain an audience, your online presence must represent the reliability, professionalism, and cosmetic appeal.

Based on your feedback and data, Quantox will provide you with an outstanding design that will encourage and entice your end-user to do business with you. It’s never too late to spice up your user experience simply by freshening up your company’s brand with new web design!

Technical Support


We offer technical support in the form of a linux specialist who can be at your service and will make your server software always up to date. Technical support is not limited to system administration but can also provide support to the systems that we built for you. When you work with Quantox, you will only get highly skilled staff to fulfil your technical requirements.

Web Hosting


Since our main business is web-based it’s natural that we also offer web hosting packages that will make integration of any products hassle-free. Our skilled technicians are always available and strive to provide the best possible online experience for both you and your customers. And as your business grows, Quantox is there to assist and expand your hosting solutions.

Database Design


Database design is the foundation of most applications, and as such it must stand on firm ground. Our software engineers can help you with organizing your own ideas and designing a relational database that will hold your data. We use agile technologies that will give you the best results.



Finding the right person to deliver you quality written content can be a challenging task. Here at Quantox, we aim to deliver the most efficient copywriting available that is relevant to what it is required for. From web page text to blog posts, brochures to online adverts, using the right format to deliver a message is not only essential to appeal to your audience but can also play a critical part in search engine optimization to boost your business when someone is organically searching/browsing the web.

Virtual Assistant


Hiring an assistant to handle and help manage daily operations and duties no longer require someone to be sitting beside you. If you don’t require your assistant to fetch your coffee, maybe hiring a virtual assistant is what you need! will be efficient while also being cost-effective.

A virtual assistant can help create and maintain spreadsheets, implement data, handle communications, set up appointments, construct schedules and so much more. Depending on what you require, your virtual assistant is everything you need them to be at a fraction of the price you’d pay to have someone sitting next to you.

Customer support


The most important service you can offer your customers is customer service! Quantox can provide your customers with around the clock response which in turn builds trust in your brand while also improving your customer's experience.

With so many ways to communicate in today’s market, providing your customers with the support they need, when they need it, can enhance your user's experience as well as improve upon your overall profit margins.

Regardless of the size of your business, where you’re located or what your product is, Quantox has a customer support solution to cater to your business needs!

Video Editing
Virtual Assistant


When we want to tell a story about our company, to send a certain message to our customers or create a marketing strategy, we realize that the best way to express it is through video. The fact that video as a presentation format is needed by companies is not new. What is new is that in recent years, the video has dominated the media, social networks and advertising platforms.

Realizing the importance of widespread use of video, we specialize in creating high-quality formats that would complement the presentation needs of our clients. From the initial brief with clients, through static conceptual solutions, application of the most modern motion design effects, testing to the final product, our team will deliver a creative and quality solution in accordance with the desired needs. We want each video to tell your unique story.



Outsourcing is easily the greatest way to keep overhead low and cash flow positive. Without compromising quality, outsourcing to a company overseas affords you high-end, educated talent at a fraction of the cost of domestic staff.


Every one of our developers and programmers is university educated, has the experience, and can deliver the highest quality services that technology has to offer. Furthermore, we vet and rigorously test all of our staff to guarantee that only the best applicants are working on your projects!


When choosing to work with Quantox, you gain access to a substantial applicant pool that ensures the quality of service that you can count on! Instead of grappling with the headaches of hiring and firing, and leaving projects incomplete, outsource to a company that has plenty of manpower and knowledge to ensure that all projects are done sufficiently and on time!


With high-speed internet and immense connectivity available throughout the world, our team, in theory, becomes a part of your company. Although the Quantox head office is in Serbia, when you hire with us you will feel as though your staff is in the room next to you. Responsiveness and communication are key and thanks to globalization, that sort of dynamic is what you can expect when you work with Quantox!

Still considering if outsourcing is right for you?

The following list displays just some of the benefits of working with Quantox:

- Cost

While the primary reason that most consider outsourcing services is to lower costs, the additional benefits include being able to reinvest the money saved, back into the business and potentially providing your customers with lower costs, therefore, increasing, overall, sales and productivity.

- Efficiency

The great thing about outsourcing is that you can work with a company such as Quantox who specializes and is knowledgeable in their field. With a huge talent pool to choose from, Quantox can hire your desired talent and get your project moving fast and in an efficient manner quicker than what it would take you to hire someone in your office.

- Delivery

Outsourcing can enable your business to supply 24/7 services if required, even when your hours of operation are closed. In addition, time zone variation can enable your technical staff to perform services, providing faster delivery of completed projects and helping your business to make money while you sleep.

- Time Management

Often when projects are done in-house they don’t get the dedicated attention required to truly maximize their potential or be completed in a timely fashion. But when you outsource activities that are routine, administrative or require specialized skills, you can focus more on the core functions that your business requires to succeed and leave the other stuff to us!

- Employment

When you choose to outsource, you’re saving yourself the headache of having to go through the process of placing ads announcing the job that’s available or interviewing applicants that meet the criteria of the position. Quantox handles all the tedious attributes you’d generally be faced with and only provides you with the cream of the crop. Furthermore, if the applicant hired on your behalf does not meet your expectations, there are no repercussions for desiring replacement on short notice.

- Reliability

There is something to be said about reliability when it comes to employment. When you outsource with Quantox you don’t just hire your staff member. You also receive a highly skilled project manager that over see’s and ensures that your employee is on track and stays focused. This guarantees productivity while also delivering quality services from an employee that you can rely on!


Tell us your thoughts, ideas and, visions and let Quantox analyze and determine your needs to then present you with options to take the next steps to turn your concept into reality!

Regardless of how big or small your project is, Quantox has the resources to provide you with the best possible solution with the most qualified staff at an unbelievable price!


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