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A quality product requires an approach with comprehension, thorough analysis, and a bespoke development process with flexibility along the way.
Building innovative software is exciting. With our clients’ brands, we are in pursuit to join functionality and creativity in making digital solutions that follow business missions and exceed user expectations.
Using software development and digital production to stand out with your business requires a full-scale approach and proficiency with the techniques and technologies that can be off best service for your idea.

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Quantox having a global impact with high end software
Market breakthroughs and satisfied users are reachable with a strong strategy and smart digital, cost-effective software solutions

Software=“ Consulting Matters”

Getting a valid assessment and information grounded in proven expertise could have great significance if you are in a business dilemma.
Our dedicated team of diverse specialists – from software engineers, software developers, tech leads, designers, product managers, data scientists, and coordinators will give you accurate expert consultations regarding all phases and aspects of software development to ease decision making.
We provide our clients with planning and scoping for the realization of new projects, as well as maintaining and improving existing ones.
Methodologies//Technologies//Functional requirements//Non-functional//requirements//
Methodologies//Technologies//Functional requirements//Non-functional//requirements//
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After gathering all requirements, we make a proper plan with a focus on key activities and research insights to reduce possible risks during the production phase.
This step is more known as Requirement Engineering and it is used for defining user expectations for a new or modified product that you want to develop.
We get to know who your end-users are along with defining criteria and methods to transform the needs into high-level product requirements.
We design your story.
Design is not just a code, it is a way to express and show ideas of your software or application appealingly, providing a smooth and relevant user experience.
Transforming the final design into a computer language format, providing high-level operational software.
Quality Assurance (QA) software testing aims to evaluate the quality of the software product and improve it by identifying defects. We conduct different types of testing – functional and non-functional – to fix potential flaws and improve desired outcomes.
Along with delivering software from developers to end-users, the deployment process itself has additional stages for full optimization, security, and compatibility within an IT environment.


Although the software development process can vary, there are important steps for any software and application development process.
Involving technical requirements and expert knowledge, the software development process also referred to as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), consists of several phases – research, app design, programming, testing and debugging, process and data flow design.

<SOFTWARE=“from the ground up”>

We believe in software development that empowers businesses.
All our expertise, experience, and ideas are united in the aim to create transformational value and offer you new business perspectives and web-based solutions that are engaging and highly functional.
We closely listen to our users and clients and combine thorough analysis with leading technologies and innovative approaches in creating unique software solutions from the very beginning.
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Mobile development
Business analysis
Devops engineering


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Quantox team prototyping and testing


Software testing aims to evaluate the quality of the software product and improve it by identifying defects. It does this by running a series of tests against the new product code.
Good software testing strategies for software development should include a range of different types of testing:
Does the software provide the expected functionality? This is the most common form of testing, sometimes referred to as ‘Utility’ testing.
This tests all aspects that aren’t related to the expected functionality; it is often a neglected but very important part of the development lifecycle.
Security testing
Is the application secure against external or internal attacks?
performance testing
Will the application run as fast as expected/required?
Load testing
How does the application perform under continuous load?
Scalability testing
How does it perform under increasing load? Disaster recovery testing: How will the application recover after a disaster?
Disaster recovery
How will the application recover after a disaster?
Break testing
This can be a fun part of software development testing, where you see if you can make the application fail by doing things you wouldn’t expect users to do, e.g., Typing non-alphabetic characters into a ‘Name’ field.

://APPLICATION service

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//:Reliable foundation

Application services are software solutions that improve the speed, security, and operability of applications. This also includes services that consumers do not use directly but contribute to system performance.

Increased customer performance is achievable by creating a scalable and optimized digital platform that smartly drives your business operations.


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<We design=
"your story">

Design is an important element of user experience, satisfaction, loyalty, and eventually revenue.
From system design through UI and UX design to responsive mobile and website design – our team will bring your story into the limelight delivering a unique user experience.
Website redesign or design from scratch – we offer fresh, on point design for your business story, accordingly delivered through multifunctional responsive applications.
Our designers aim to balance between functionality and creativity to deliver extraordinary digital experiences that complement your vision and idea.
Rely on our expertise and provide an outstanding digital appearance joined with high functionality.