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Tools for Application Development That Will Help You Dominate Your Market

Tools for Application Development That Will Help You Dominate Your Market

Posted on
June 21, 2022
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Aleksandra Dzinovic

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The rise of mobile apps began when businesses realized they could use mobile apps to boost their revenue by reaching their consumers easier. Now more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon of leveraging mobile apps for business and earning a great deal of profit through the mobile medium. Whether they’re developing in-house applications or hiring a mobile app development company, they all want the possibilities and opportunities which come with having a business mobile app.

Knowing why investing in a mobile app is a smart business move in 2022 is the first step to success. Still, once we go deeper into mobile app development, we uncover other important factors that can lead to either success or downfall. One of those factors is knowing which mobile app development tool to use that will fit the budget and the app's specifications perfectly.

What is App Development Tools, and How Do They Work?

If a mobile app is a painting and the developer is a painter, then mobile application development tools are the brushes. There are many of them, and their usage comes down to the app's requirements but also the developer's personal preferences.

Mobile app development tools are the software used by the developer to build innovative, secure, and scalable applications. These tools will give all the resources to the developer in order for them to build an app that integrates with the device's hardware as well as any other business feature that can lead to high-quality results.

The Best App Development Tools You Can Use in 2022.

Sketching the business mobile app idea is a great way to simplify mobile app development. Having all features, goals, and designs ''on paper'' allows developers to clarify their tasks and goals while building your app and which app development platform they need to build for. Once you have sketched your idea, the developer can go on and choose the best app development tool and platform to make that idea come to life.

Many great mobile app dev tools can help them with this job:


  • Framework 7- offers both iOS and Android support, and it can help create an app that has an iOS feel for Android. In addition, it's easy to understand for those who already have excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The most notable features are Material Design UI, custom DOM library, native scrolling, and XHR caching and preloading.
  • Ionic- based on the Sass CSS language and cross-platform. It can be used to build advanced apps because it can be integrated with AngularJS. Ionic has a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS, and JS CSS components and tools and works with predefined components.

Cross-platform & Hybrid

  • BuildFire- high-performance, DIY mobile app builder that supports iOS and Android phones and tablets. It has over 45 pre-built plugins, features, a direct integration to Segment, Smooch, and others, and pre-existing templates. With BuildFire, you can launch your mobile app in 30 minutes. In addition, the building of the app is free, while launching costs only $20 per month.
  • Mobile Angular UI- allows you to build HTML5 mobile apps with Bootstrap and Angular JS. It also provides overlays, sideboards, switches, scrollable areas, and bottom navbars for an easy mobile to desktop transition.
  • Xojo- app development tool for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, x86 Linux, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and the web. It allows developers to create native apps while providing Xojo Cloud for easy maintenance-free web app hosting.
  • Corona Labs- supports all platforms, and while being specially made for building 2D graphic games and educational apps, it can be used for developing other 2D apps.
  • Jotform Apps- has over 300 app templates that are very easy to customize and manage. With this drag-and-drop builder, you can add anything you want- forms, external links, widgets, and images. It is the best app builder for small businesses, HR departments, restaurants, and healthcare providers.
  • Unity- it is one of the most popular game development platforms you can use to build high-quality 3D and 2D games. You can even use Unity to build AR and VR apps, the industry’s latest development trends, in no time and deploy them across multiple platforms.
  • Xamarin- is a Microsoft-owned software company with a C# codebase you can use to develop iOS, Android, and Windows apps. It allows code sharing on multiple platforms and has a cloud service that you can use to test the app on an unlimited number of mobile devices.
  • Appcelerator- uses JavaScript to create native code. It also offers over 5,000 APIs for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and HTML5. Appcelerator is not the easiest tool to learn but has loads of features.
  • React Native- open-source framework from Facebook with a ''learn once, write everywhere' mantra using JavaScript as its main code. It allows quick prototyping and high initial velocity while being easy to learn and implement with any feature you can think of.

The best mobile app development tools for Android are Android Studio, Eclipse, ItelliJIDEA, and Corona Labs.

No-coding needed mobile app development tools are BuildFire and EachScape.

The best Windows mobile app development tools are Xamarin and Corona Labs.

Disadvantages of Using an App Builder Tools

Disadvantages of Template App Builders

By using an app builder tool, developers can build a solid working mobile application in a short amount of time. Presenting a business app before your competition may have its perks. Still, rather than that, you'll want to submit a mobile business app that works perfectly and offers a great user experience to your consumers.

Here's why using an app builder tool can sometimes put you at a disadvantage:

  1. Limited Design

When you use an app builder, you limit your mobile app in terms of design. There are only that many templates you can use to create your app, and most of them are alike, which little to no editing possibilities. If your business mobile app needs to be unique, an app builder will not give you the design you need to stand out.

  1. No structure or code editing

Because most app builders use made-ready templates and features, it's hard to change or add a new feature to the app builder. So if your app needs a unique, never-seen-before feature, the app builder will not allow you to create it or code it. Furthermore, you may have access to a smaller pool of templates and features if you choose the basic subscription plan.

  1. Additional Charges

Do you need a feature for your mobile app but don't have access to it? You probably missed out on paying the ''premium'' or ''pro'' subscription plan. The more you spend, the more the app builder will give you. Not to mention, subscription fees are not a pay-once expense but an ongoing expense that may as well amount to quite a lot.

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