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The list of outsourcing benefits for your business

The list of outsourcing benefits for your business

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February 25, 2022
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Is your business regularly dealing with day-to-day fires? You know that in-house staff is very busy and you have problems finding and retaining new people? The answer to overwhelming IT issues that you are experiencing can be outsourcing. Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, there are some parts of your IT department that can be handed to a third party to manage and organize. Simply put, it is hard to do internal 24/7 monitoring and management of an entire, often cumbersome, IT infrastructure. Many of the issues that can happen incur additional costs and potential business disturbances. Further failures, hardware, and software disasters, operation disorganization can be prevented. Additional costs can be prevented. Use some help. Provide support to your IT people, too.

What do you get from Outsourcing?

If you do research about outsourcing, you will find dozens of reasons why outsourcing is profitable and how it can impact your business. Let us highlight some of the most important that tells exactly what you get:


Additional in-house expertise that you need can be a really expensive investment. New recruitment, employee onboarding, more payrolls - all of this usually demands you to first enlarge your HR team, before you even start recruiting the experts you need. As you may already be very well aware, all of this costs money. And a lot of it. Not only are you paying full employee packages for the IT experts that you need, but you are also paying the same for recruiters and other staff you might need to onboard all those new people. Of course, we must not forget the fact that this will take a lot of time, further costing you money as problems are not being handled, upgrades are not being installed, and more.By providing you with just the right experts at just the right time (usually yesterday), outsourcing can save you enormous amounts of money.


No more waste. No more resource mismanagement that doesn’t yield the wanted results and productivity. By choosing an outsourcing business model, you will have access to the widest range of resources that you don’t have in-house or you cannot afford to bring in-house. A larger resource platform also means you get to make smart moves and balance between proper task processing and quality customer service. An outsourcing partner will help you reach that balance and guide you on how to use these resources.


Free your schedule of simple tasks and use your energy to develop ideas and potential new projects that can generate more income. Outsourcing gives you more time to focus on tasks that require your dedication. Let someone with more experience or someone more knowledgeable handle the work that distracts you. On the other hand, by involving a third party in your project, you are giving your business much-needed time and also a chance to reach sustainable, effective growth.


Your business needs don’t match your storage capacity? A simple solution is to outsource your data storage. Why? New assets are not necessary. On the other hand, the usage of modern technologies is possible without having to hire new IT staff. The highest costs in internal data storage are in administration and backup. If you handle this to an outsourcer, you will experience an overall cost drop. Do not worry about risk mitigation, because your outsourcing partner has automatically saved your data offsite and has a fully integrated system for data restoration within the business requirements.  

Bussines Focus

Closely tied with time management, business focus is something that you can lose with an overwhelmed IT department and unsatisfied employees. With all issues you have to deal with, you simply don’t have time to focus on core things, business goals, and growth. An outsourcing partner can be a valuable, long-term partner. A partner that will provide you time that, currently, you don’t have. You need a professional outsourcing management strategy that can save you from internal and external fires and potential damage to your business’ very foundations.

How to get the ‘outsourcing benefits’ full potential?

Let be honest, outsourcing projects can fail. But, failure can be prevented. Success depends on both sides, and, in most cases,proper communication is the right recipe.

Steps for strong Outsourcing partnership

Steps for strong Outsourcing partnership

If you want to build a strong relationship with an outsourcing partner, you need to work on:

Clear requests

Techspeak and bizspeak are something that both sides need to avoid. Do not use terminology that the other party doesn’t understand. Speak as clearly and succinctly as you can, provide clear requests because that will lead to a product that you can use. There is no textbook that you can follow to 100% guarantee successful communication. Maintaining outsourcing relationships can be challenging andit relies on transparency, clear goals, and demands, delivered in a timely manner. When you choose your outsourcing partner, always pay attention to their strategy of delivering unique value outcomes. The Quantox approach also consists of the best practices for communication and well-established plans for request delivery.

Detailed project

For a proper outsourcing strategy, details are a must. Details will help you present your vision and goals in the most effective way, reducing the chances of miscommunication, mistakes, and subsequent corrections. Invest time and effort in explaining your project, what you want to get out of it, and what you want your customers to get. You have a totally new range of resources in front of you, but only a detailed project can fully use them.

Transparent communication

Achieving the right relationship is possible only with good communication. Do not hide crucial information, good or bad. Avoid long delays in actionable feedback, keep in touch with your partner and inform them regularly of the current status. Let them know how you feel and what your expectations are. Be transparent and expect transparency from the other side.

Approach to internal resources

Network discovery is a part of setting up a quality outsourcing partner process. It requires a careful approach to your internal resources. Engineers and the sales team will need information about servers, firewalls, antivirus software, and other technical parts that are used.

How can Quantox help you save your business?

Regardless of the industry, you operate in, our way of reaching the predefined goals is based on an open and transparent environment.This trust makes us easy to work with, while still providing you with an extremely professional team and a high-quality product.Through constant development and improvement, we have learned to listen and understand the clients’ needs. This helps us provide the service that will supply your business with the most perfect solutions. Tonnes of business ideas brought to life through brave and sometimes even crazy steps. None of Quantox’s over 160 finished projects would be possible without a team from 7 different countries that we rely on. All our expertise, experience, ideas, and unique strategies can be at your disposal and provide you with different perspectives. Perspectives that will set you free from feeling that your vision is not fully developed or that some opportunities were missed. You need a new strategy for a journey that, through trust and good communication, will lead your project to a functional reality. Let’s find out together how we can make it happen.