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Meet Sascha, our new Sales Manager at Quantox Germany

Meet Sascha, our new Sales Manager at Quantox Germany

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August 14, 2020
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Meet Sascha Mitscherlich, our colleague from Frankfurt. He will help us in the mission to establish our brand on the European market. With only 36 years of age and vast experience in marketing and sales, he is a perfect choice for our brand new Sales Manager in Germany. Sascha likes sport, nature, and he is very creative and has big plans for Quantox.

  • Why did you choose Quantox?

"Before I accept a new job-offer I make proper research to get all information about the company history and its reputation. On each platform, I checked the ratings and opinions about Quantox and I was stunned about the number of recommendations of happy customers, users, and employees, which is not self-evident especially in the IT-industry.After a couple of very nice and interesting chats with Filip and Vuk, it was not a question anymore to join Quantox, only when!"

  • What do you like the most about us?

"Besides a very good reputation, I would choose the projects Quantox already successfully finished and its impressive customer base. This will definitely help to gain a foothold in Germany.I also like social media appearance. It is a good mix of business and work-life content. I can’t wait to see more of it. Many companies ignore that."

  • How do you think Quantox will be positioned on the German market next year?

"The long-term target is to be a market leader for web development in Germany, no question. For this and next year, I focus on our awareness and pipeline building in Germany. That means we will have a strong focus on marketing activities and to find partners which can leverage our sales force. The target is to become the challenger in the German market and to have the first regional partners until the end of the year. We definitely have what it takes to play on the top."

  • What are your expectations from cooperation with us?

"One important process already started: the knowledge transfer.That’s a point where all my new colleagues can help me with. You think it is interesting for me or it can help me or my prospects? Share it with me, please!Another point is to get in touch with the different departments to get a better understanding of the responsibilities and the internal processes are essential. I expect support and excellent cooperation with everyone, especially with the Marketing team."

  • What are your expectations from Quantox in Germany?

"We have established a legal entity in Germany including a well-located office in the Frankfurt Area with modern infrastructure to have a place to meet customers and prospects. An organically growing team of German-speaking professionals for various positions will be needed for that tough but very exciting challenge.I would like to work with clean CRM and structured processes because I live by the motto: ”What’s not written in the CRM, never happened.”And of course, I would like to get introduced to our existing customers in Germany and our internal project owners."

  • How do you see the development in Germany at this moment?

"We have a lot of innovative and global companies in Germany. Everyone is trying to remain competitive, especially in the age of digitalization, where start-ups are springing up like mushrooms and both, start-ups and global companies, are desperately trying to get the few available professionals on the market. The “Fachkräftemangel” (in German) is a problem for all companies looking for IT professionals. The German Government and the German industry are trying for years to attract more IT professionals and experts from other countries but even with those measures, the demand isn’t served at all.Currently, there are no real big names or market leaders when it comes to web development companies in Germany. But we can already see companies intensifying their activities in Germany to get a part of the big cake and of course, now, one of them is Quantox."

  • Do you have any special strategy on your mind?

"The key to success in Germany is awareness, credibility, and trust. To become a well-known company for web development in Germany, we need to invest in marketing, selective ads, establishing a recommendation- and partner network, intensifying the social media content and activities in German, and much more. We will focus on all business sizes, from start-ups up to global enterprises therefore our German headquarter will be near the global business hub of Frankfurt/Main. The location will have a positive influence on many points. Be it the accessibility, the good infrastructure, a larger range of potential employees due to the size and popularity of Frankfurt, many trade fairs, or the short distance to future major customers. Once we have a reputation in Germany and we fulfill the requirements, Quantox Germany will participate in public tenders which would further accelerate our growth and awareness in the German market."

  • Are there any innovations that you would like to implement in Quantox’s business culture?

"From what I saw, the business culture is already great at Quantox and I’m sure the Quantox team shares the same values as I do. Be honest and transparent everything else will definitely hurt the reputation of the company, always treat customers and colleagues with respect, be punctual/keep deadlines and keep your promises, work more focused and cleaner than quick and dirty, structure your day as good as you can but stay agile and don’t forget the fun besides all the work." 😊

  • What are the advantages of Quantox over the competition in Germany?

"It is a combination of our good reputation, our long history of successfully finished projects of all sizes and focal points, our references, the skills of our highly qualified employees (many of whom have been with us for a very long time), the team spirit, the very well experienced management team and of course our competitive offering."