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Job opportunities - the story from a different perspective

Job opportunities - the story from a different perspective

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July 27, 2021
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This year is important to us for several reasons. Celebrating 15 years of successful work, we have expanded our business to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we also got a new challenge - 247 open positions! The fact that we have reached the number of 350 employees speaks about the ability to successfully open and close positions. An impressive number, but how to get it? What puzzle has to be “solved” to get a task like this? And most importantly - how does it affect the team and complete work organization?How many clients? The number of 247 came from a complex client structure. If we can divide them into groups, we would have existing clients, partner companies from the region, local representatives of global companies, large IT centers, and our partnerships with corporations like Microsoft and vendors like Lex Wear. Project phases and industriesDetails about projects that are most important to developers are that the open positions are referred to several projects in different phases of development. They will work on building projects from scratch but also on maintenance and improvement of existing ones. Integration within existing systems will also be included. Implementation, migration, and adjustments with security standards within the partnership we have with Microsoft which concerns the sale of Microsoft Azure licenses will also be a part of the work. Projects come to us from different industries - fintech, digital entertainment, retail hospitality, construction, sports organization. Tech skills and seniorityThe structure of the positions is very diverse. Most of them refer to JS and its frameworks - Angular, Vue, Typescript, React, Node, and their combinations. PHP and Java are present in smaller amounts and .NET, QA, Mobile developers, and Salesforce developers are also on the searching map. Developers of all levels will be included in this process. We also have a plan to start junior to medior training, where talented beginners will undergo 12 months of training with a mentor which will be completely free for them. Through whole training, developers will be, of course, duly paid.

  1. JavaScript developers ( Node, React, Typescript, Vue, Angular ) - 135
  2. PHP - 43
  3. JAVA - 30
  4. .NET - 18
  5. Mobile developers - 10
  6. QA - 8
  7. Salesforce developers-3

When we get a large number of positions like this, what most people don’t see is how exactly a meeting with a client looks like and what they actually ask from us. Negotiation of a large number of positions Primarily, what brings you to that first meeting with an important client are reputation, recommendations, achieved results, capacities, and operational capabilities. They can also be interested in a company's experience with certain technologies and all these things can set you apart from the competition. However, it is important to highlight that this is just a ticket for the first meeting with the potential client. That first meeting usually goes smoothly, most of the time C level is present and the conversation is about business in general. Lack of experience could make you think that everything went well and it’s done - the job is yours. However, the negotiation part is just about to begin. After that positive first impression, further conversations are about specific things - checking references in terms of providing a list of contacts where clients can check them, meetings with our Tech, Project management, and HR team. It is important for the client to truly understand what kind of company we are, what types of projects we do, what technologies and tools we use, and what is the seniority structure of our team. The necessary information can also be our way of measuring the results and complete the development process analysis. Often, they can ask for case studies and financial data in order to define whether we can or cannot financially handle the project. After that, mutual visits and further series of online meetings are arranged. Work reorganizationWhat comes with the plan of hiring a large number of people is an inevitable question - how will that affect our current work organization? In 2017, Quantox went through a 100% employee growth for the first time. The doubled number of people also meant increased obligations and tasks for different teams. Offices have been opened, developers started their first tasks and that year has given us a solid foundation for further expansion. The test of our organizational structure was definitely the pandemic time in 2020 and transition to full-time work from home. The benefit of 2 months of remote work was previously on and it helped us tremendously to easily slide to full remote mode. Our employees got used to new working conditions relatively quickly without a negative effect on results. Such changes have taught us which business moves were done right and how to be ready to welcome and respond to new challenges of a dynamic market and planned growth in the future. Our daily task is to improve the process of introducing our culture and work system to new people and we are always open to ask for additional support in leading regional teams, project management, higher management, and legal assistance.Providing a large number of job opportunities is a long-term goal. Some of them will be opened, others will be closed. The dynamics of the business, as well as the client’s requirements, often create a demand for a large number of people. Having in mind the development of the market and further growth of the company, we believe that a high level of need for staff will be present in the long run. Our focus in responding to such demands is on standards of recruitment and team quality that we strive to maintain. We want to continuously have a large number of open positions while further maintaining our standards for team expansion. Our quality is and will be primary in the future.