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How to Hire the Right App Development Company That You Can Trust - 5 Key Tips

How to Hire the Right App Development Company That You Can Trust - 5 Key Tips

Posted on
June 21, 2022
, By
Aleksandra Dzinovic

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As one of the fastest developing industries, the mobile phone industry has brought us many innovations in the past decade, and software solutions capable of changing all aspects of our lives. Today, almost everything can be done through or on a smartphone, leading to the rise of mobile apps as a crucial part of our day-to-day lives. With the accessibility and connectivity that comes with our phones, it's clear to understand why having a mobile app is a smart business move. A business can offer convenience and rapidity to their users through their mobile app, catering to consumers via phones and reaching a broader scope of their target audience.

However, not many business owners know how to build a mobile app, so they are usually looking to hire a good and reliable software and app development company to build one that will ensure their brand's success. And with so many service providers, there's bound to be some stress over choosing the right app development company. So, to help you find the perfect app developing partner, we've presented a few important points you need to follow and shed some light on mobile app development companies and their services.

What do Mobile App Development Companies Do?

A mobile app development company is an agency specializing in designing and building apps and software solutions for all types of businesses and, more importantly, for various app development platforms and devices. Their development team can build any kind of app for mobile devices, smart devices, web, wearable technologies, smart TVs, tablets, and much more.

Their work includes programming the apps and creating an app concept, databases, admin panels, and APIs. Also, they'll be in charge of testing your mobile app, launching it on various app stores, and performing regular maintenance. But more importantly, a mobile app development company will take on the task of creating a design unique to your business brand and focus on giving the best user experience possible. This will allow your brand's voice and vision to come to life, reach your target audience faster and stand out from the competition with its functionality and consistency.

How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company?

mobile app development company
How to Find an App development Company

Your business will benefit the most if you manage to find a company with extensive experience, proven performance, and knowledge of the latest technology and industry trends and business skills. Here's what you need to do in order to snatch a great app developing partner:

#1 Define Your App Development Needs

Before you even start thinking about searching for a mobile development company, you need to sketch your business app goals and needs. For example, are you a retailer and need an eCommerce mobile app? Do you offer content rather than goods? The answers to these questions will impact the technology and app development tools needed to create your mobile business app. Therefore, it would help if you had your app development needs laid out before you take that initial consultation with an app development company of your choosing because it's up to you to translate those needs to them and their developers in order for them to do their job well. If you fail to communicate what your mobile business app is all about, the values it should bring, and the problems it should solve for your users, you'll make it impossible for the development team to build a wholesome and effective app. 

#2 Do Your Research: Check Out The Company's Portfolio

Checking a company's portfolio has never been easier. Today, most app development companies present their portfolio online and are happy to advertise their projects. Once you have your list of companies, go online and search for the projects they were involved with. You'll gain a clear sense of their technical expertise and industry domain. You can always ask them to show you examples of projects they've worked on similar to yours to gain insight into their experience. This will help you know whether the company is proficient at handling projects like yours and what their results were.

#3 Ask For References And Read Online Reviews

app development company reviews
App Development Company Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are one of the most valuable clues you can find and learn more about the company's reputation. Happy clients and diversity in clients are clear signs you've found a great app development company. Likewise, people dissatisfied with the service and product are more likely to share their experience in an online review. This will allow you to determine the company's flaws, whether it was a one-time mistake or something that the company has had issues with for a while now. Now, thanks to the reviews, you know which companies you need to stay away from.

#4 Ask The Right Questions Before Hiring

The more questions you ask, the more you know about what awaits you when you start working with an app dev company. However, you should always ask those most important questions rather than being hung up on some minor details. Make sure you see the example of their previous projects, learn all you can about the cost of their service and hidden expenses (if any), and their maintenance and support services. Learn as much as you can about the services they offer and which part of the mobile app development they'll be in charge off. For example, most companies provide UI and UX services, but some don't. On the other hand, some companies may include developing a marketing strategy or giving you a complete market analysis of their price. Always clarify what you're getting for the cost of their service.

Here are some questions you need to ask your app development company:

  • What is their Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?
  • How much will the app cost?
  • How long will it take to build the app?
  • Should you build an Android or iOS app, and can they build both if needed?
  • Who will manage the project and how?
  • How will they test the app?
  • Will they submit the app to the Stores?
  • Can they refer you to a client in your sector?
  • Do they offer maintenance and support services?
  • Are they willing to sign the NDA (Non-disclosure) agreement?
  • How can they handle your security concerns?
  • How do they specify the code ownership?
  • What is their approach to design?
  • How many developers will be available for your project?

#5 Keep Communication Open Throughout The Entire Process

A company that does not offer feedback regularly is not really a company you'll want to work with. However, the more experienced app development companies will make an effort to include you in the app development process by giving you at least a weekly report on the mobile app dev process. They'll also notify you of any changes, issues, or setbacks that may impact your business app's price or timeline. This type of transparency and honesty on their part means you have chosen an app company you can trust. Look for a company that will give you at least a weekly update and keeps you posted throughout the whole development process. Don't be alarmed if the company is notifying you of issues and problems they've encountered while developing your app- this is an honest approach and a good communication practice on their part. With a company like that, you'll be sure there will be full transparency in work and that they're not trying to cover up their mistakes.

Why You Should Trust Quantox As Your App Development Agency?

By being passionate and creative and collecting the best talents from the industry, Quantox became an award-winning mobile app development company. With an objective to provide top-quality app development services bespoke to our client's requirements and exceptional communication, we've become known as a leading mobile app development company in 7 different countries and one worth trusting in. If you need an expert mobile app development company that caters to your brand's needs, Quantox is happy to help you. Let's Talk!


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