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April 27, 2023
, By
Nađa Vukićević

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After 4 exciting days and a fair play fight - we have the champion of HIT CS:GO Vol.4!

Traditionally held in April, the HIT CS:GO tournament gathered the IT community again for the 4th time in a row.

The number of registered teams, companies and fund donations exceeded the previous years - over 40 teams from more than 35 companies competed in the famous Counter Strike: Global Offensive game!

In 2023, the tournament was dedicated to the youngest, with the goal to improve conditions in maternity hospitals and together we collected 2,291,900 RSD!


🥇 Quantox Technology

🥈 Vega IT

🥉 Levi9

We spoke to the winning Quantox team - Miloš Aksentijević, Marko Mitić, Luka Petrović, David Simonović, and Dušan Savanović - for the BTS of becoming a HIT CS:GO champion.

What are your impressions of the HIT Vol.4 tournament? How would you describe the atmosphere this year compared to previous years?

The whole team is united as much as coordinated!

Miloš Aksentijević / Ax.

The impressions are very positive, and the first place contributes a lot to that feeling. The idea is great and I would like it to expand so more teams and donations are coming from year to year.

Luka Petrović / hJk-.^

As in previous years - very positive impressions, a noble goal, and good banter.

Dušan Savanović / dukizen

The impressions are phenomenal! First of all, we love CS:GO, and especially the fact that this is the same team that has been playing and hanging out together for years. Also, the support from colleagues and the entire company truly surprised us and it was nice to see cheering in such a large number!

Who was the most challenging opponent during the competition?

The score shows!

Milos Aksentijević / Ax.

I couldn't decide on one team, so I'll say Levi9 and Vega IT. 

Levi9 seemed to have people who are very good at shooting, maybe even better than Vega. However, Vega was a tactically more prepared team.

Marko Mitić / MiTke-_o

Levi9 and VegaIT definitely. We won Levi9 with a score 2:0, but both maps were very close, and VegaIT took one map from us. If I have to choose one opponent - it would be Levi9.

Dušan Savanović / dukizen

From my perspective, definitely Levi9. Although we met them in the semi-finals, it was clear that the game was played at a much higher level, and this was shown on the first map, Vertigo, where we played as many as three overtimes. The boys from Levi showed a really competitive spirit and we had a really good match.

We witnessed a very tense final of the tournament. Were there any decisive moments in the match and which tactics made the difference?

Maps & tactics - a winning combination!

Miloš Aksentijević / Ax.

Maybe there weren't so many decisive moments, but there were a lot of different tactics from our side. The idea was to occupy as much space as possible on the map, play more aggressively as CT, and make faster rotations. 

Luka Petrović / hJk-.^

I wouldn't say that there were any decisive moments. On our map peak and on the third map we played superbly, and the tactic was not to give them space to play their game - to attack and occupy space.

David Simonović / Unik ACM

There was tension in the final - as in every game. The opposing team led in some moments, where various factors had an effect. Primarily, it was a drop in concentration, which had the greatest impact during the game, and further, there have been short breaks between the semi-final and final matches.

Did you expect to win?

Expectations are expectations - and the result is in the end!

Marko Mitić / MiTke-_o

Honestly, yes... we knew it wouldn't be easy, but we were sure that we could win the tournament.

Luka Petrović / hJk-.^

Yes, because when it was announced that HIT will be organized again this year, we started to prepare and gather 2-3 times a week and play.

Dušan Savanović  / dukizen

I definitely didn't expect us to win and I can't say that my teammates would agree with me here. Not because of a lack of self-confidence, but because of the very fact that every year the tournament has attracted very good teams and players.

We believe that in addition to the tense fight, there were also plenty of laughs. Share some interesting anecdotes from the tournament :)

Enjoy the game!

Miloš Aksentijević  / Ax.

There was a lot of laughter and cheering, which is probably the key to our success. At no point did I feel like we were losing and that we didn't have a solution, so this made us play a very calm game at the top level.

David Simonović / Unik ACM

The whole tournament passed in a relaxed rhythm without tension, and that is the purpose - to enjoy the game, and victory comes just as a bonus!

Dušan Savanović  / dukizen

There was a lot of laughter, but I will point out one anecdote. Our teammate and colleague Mitke (Marko Mitić) is often overrun by planes when we play. It's not because he lives next to the airport - but because he plays the game on his laptop, which gets quite loud after a while.

So we persuaded him to put a “push to talk“ button to avoid those loud noises. During the finale, at one point, Mitke forgot to release that button, so we just heard Luka shout: MITKE AIRPLANE! 

And we really had a good laugh!

Laughter is a cure. Good competition is healthy. Enjoy the game. Help the community.

We are proud that HIT lasts and unites.

See you next year!