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What an accomplishment - 10 years in the company!

What an accomplishment - 10 years in the company!

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August 7, 2018
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Quantox Technology is a fairly young company, especially in this composition, but on this occasion, we would like to thank one of our first employees for dedicated and valuable work. Our colleague Miljan is with us for 10 years, and you will admit it is not a small thing at all. This way, we want to get to know you better with the guy who was there when it was difficult and when everything went smoothly. Read the entire interview below and get ready for some hilarious answers, because he is just like that - Funny as it gets!

Miljan Interview2
  • To begin with, we must say that it is a pleasure to interview someone who has been working for our company for 10 years. Of course, the first question must be related to the beginning, can you tell us how he was?
Miljan: Like every other start - hard and hard. Moving from one job to another and learning basic IT related matters at the moment you are 19 is not a small thing. It was hard for me, but I managed with the right people and their full support.
  • How would you describe your way of work?
Miljan: Hardworking, fair...
  • Which of your achievements are most prominent
Miljan: I'd say this jubilee, a decade spent in Quantox!
  • Can you remember the situation in which you were criticized at work?
Miljan: Ooooh... There were plenty of them. Criticism, but also praise.
  • How did you gain trust and build a successful business relationship that has been in place for 10 years?
Miljan: Honest work, persistence, desire to prove. Perfecting my skills was a crucial part of it also.
  • What's the most important thing you've learned in these 10 years, and did it help you only on a professional or both professional and a private plan?
Miljan: Trust! Definitely both!
  • Which of your professional qualities you take the most valuable?
Miljan: Loyalty!
  • What has influenced you the most over these years and how?
Miljan: Hmm... what? The whole team, the friends who have supported me in the difficult and good situation... They always dragged me to the top and because of that I am extremely grateful. And my wife, of course.
  • In what direction would you want your career to develop, and where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Miljan: I would like to continue to improve on a personal plan, and to "grow" together with the company. And to the other part of the question, I will answer with one word: Here!
  • How do you think your colleagues would describe you in a few words?
Miljan: A very witty person I guess.
  • Why is Quantox an ideal company for you, now, and 10 years ago, and what has changed since the beginning so far?
Miljan: We have progressed, we have expanded. I remember the days when only four of us started and today the company has more than 200 employees. It is ideal because it provides almost everything that other companies can not. You can learn and progress in various IT industries. Good salaries which are always on your account in time, which is rare in Serbia. A lot of traveling and hanging out with people from the company... I could continue like this for a long time, but you get the point.
  • What would you do if you were not what you are and what are you really?
Miljan: Hm, let say culinary.
  • When you are not in the office, you are spending your free time on?
Miljan: Kitchen, agriculture, reading books. Also, I spend a lot of time with my wife in recent months, we are waiting for a baby.
  • Would you like to share some secret with us, something that we do not know about you yet?
Miljan: No!
  • Given your internship in the company, you've certainly gone through many pleasant and unpleasant situations. Our next question for you is: What is the most beautiful moment in your career?
Miljan: Yes, of course, there were plenty of pleasant situations, but it's hard to tell. There are many beautiful moments, and from all the pleasant and beautiful situations that I have experienced for the past ten years, I would like to single out the moment when I was voted by the collective for the most humorous colleague.
  • And the heaviest one?
Miljan: The first cancellation from the client. I was young, I fell hard, there were thousands of questions at that moment, what further, how, where ... But the company and people in it are always ready to help you find a solution!
  • Quantox company is made up of young people, and where youth is, there is a joke. Can you point out the funniest moment you've experienced in the company?
Miljan: As I mentioned above, I have experienced a lot of interesting and funny situations here, and it's just impossible to single out one. If you asked me what is the most ridiculous situation today, maybe I could make a decision... For example, this morning Sale and I were having a breakfast, and we were eating the burek and yogurt, however, before he started eating, he opened up yogurt. Then, we started chatting about something, he forgot that he had opened it and he started to wave with that glass, thinking that it was not open ... Can you imagine how the office looked after this performance?
  • Favorite book, movie, series?
Miljan: What the footballers would say, Dostoyevsky, The Alchemist. There are plenty of books and movies too. Maybe from Stephen King's Green Mile, Shining. The movie also Fluttering, Fight Club...
  • If you can choose, which superhero would you be and why?
Miljan: Aladdin. I have a carpet that flies, I go wherever I want, I have a ghost from a lamp who fulfills all my wishes and what more can I ask for?! To fight with some scumbags is not my style.